If you want to play your favourite games or listen to your favourite songs without any interruption. Then you should invest your money in good noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones gives the comfort with supreme quality of sound.

Do you not know about noise cancelling? Are you unfamiliar with the concept of noise cancelling? You don’t need to worry. We will help you to understand it. A noise cancelling headphone reduces the unwanted ambient sounds from surroundings so that you can clearly listen to your song without raising the volume up. It allows you to enjoy your games or songs at best quality. So noise cancelling headphones are perfect to listen to music. If you are heavily into games then you should get a noise-cancelling headphone with a mic or microphone.

In this blog, we have listed the best noise cancelling headphones. So you can choose according to your requirements. Let’s start-

1) Sony MDR-ZX110NC


                    If we are talking about headphones and song is not listed, it can’t be happened. Sony MDR-ZX110NC noise cancelling headphone reduces up to 95 % ambient noise. With this headphones, You can experience pin drop silence. And it has 80 hours battery life. You can use it wired headphone. It is one of the best headphones 2017.

2) Sennheiser HD 202


          Now we talk about Sennheiser HD 202. It is closed on-ear stereo headphone. It comes with Neodymium magnets that deliver powerful bass-driven sound production. Sennheiser HD 202 is optimised for portable audio includes mp3, iPod, iPhone, CD players. The sound it produces is soothing to your ears then you won’t feel any discomfort after extended usage.

3) Philips SHL3750NC/00


              Philips SHL3750NC/00 is powered with ActiveShield Noise Cancelling that reduces ambient noise up to 97%.. It is slim and compact so that it can be folded that make easy portability. Philips SHL3750NC/00 has closed-back design out noise for noise isolation. It comes with 32 millimetres neodymium speaker drivers for rich bass. These features make it be on the list of the best noise cancelling headphones.

So we have seen the three of the best noise cancelling headphones. You can choose anyone and can go for it. If you want to see more best headphones, Then you can see.