It is very tough to decide that we should buy Desktop Computer or Laptop Computer. Both have their Pros and Cons. It matters most that for what purpose we are going to buy desktop or laptop? If we decide according to our needs then it will be perfect. To make the decision for anything is a tough thing itself. Because we have to go to a point before we have to see all factors. We have to research then after we can make any decision.

              Like, the decision between Desktop or Laptop is not easy. So we are making it easy for you. After viewing the following table, you will be able to decide that for which you should go. Since we suggest you go for a desktop, why? You will get the answer in the following comparison table.

Let’s see.


Desktop Computer

Laptop   Computer


Desktop processors are a little bit larger in size that’s why they space more. And Desktop Processor is more powerful than laptop computers.

Laptop computers are smaller than desktop in size. And their capacity is less than desktops.


Desktops are larger in size. But it’s possible to take a desktop from place to place but they are not the choice for portability like laptops.

Laptops are portable that’s why Students & working people prefer to it. A Laptop can be carried easily in a laptop carrying case.

Ease of Assembly

Setting up a desktop takes extra work and extra time. You have to assemble everything like Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor. CPU etc. And it requires more space to set them up.

Laptops are built to make life easier. You don’t need to assemble everything, all components are pre-assembled. Just take out from the box and start using it.


There are a wide variety of component options available for desktops. Desktop prices start from a low range and go up to high till you want. And they are relatively cheaper than Laptops.

Laptops have a fairly wide variety of components but at some points, they have limited options. Laptops are pre-assembled, So you can’t have every part of your choice. And Laptop prices are higher.


Most Components in Desktops can be easily removed and can be easily upgraded. Whichever component you want of your choice, you can replace.

In laptops, only memory and hard drive can be upgraded. And other parts are not removable like Laptop screen. You can’t change it.


Desktops are capable of using the high-powered video card. High-powered video cards require higher power that can be provided in a desktop.

In laptops, everything depends on the laptop battery. It is self-understood that you can’t play games that require high power or you can play only for sometimes before battery discharges.


So we have seen many points in above comparison table. But after all, it depends on you that for what purpose or work you are buying Personal Computer. Which you find suitable for you, you should go for it.

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